MicroLift Algaway 5.4

MicroLift Algaway 5.4

Algaecide For Ponds - Stops Algae Growth. Control string algae!

No more green water with MICROBE-LIFT/AlgAway 5.4 Algaecide!

It stops algae growth in ponds and can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants!

Will not harm fish or live ornamental plants Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) ethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride: 5.40%
Other Ingredients: 94.60%


In ponds, insure that water is well aerated via waterfall, fountain or other method to prevent fish loss.
Aeration must be continuous.
Not safe for use with snails, shrimp and other crustaceans or mollusks.

E.P.A. Registration # 14802 - 8 - 74466


It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. For use in self-contained ornamental ponds and fountains without any outflow. For small ponds with heavy algae growth, clean the excess algae off the sides and ornaments before adding MICROBE-LIFT/AlgAway 5.4.

This will reduce the amount of decaying organic matter. Repeat dosage once per week for maintenance. Fountains, Small Ponds with goldfish and koi:

  • Treat only those fountains and ponds which will have no outflow after treatment.
  • High water temperatures cause more rapid natural decay of dead algae which can cause fish distress.
  • If animals are present clean out excess algae as stated above or use before temperature exceeds 75°F (24°C).

Application Rate

Water Volume (Gallons) Amount of Algaway 5.4
50 30 drops
120 2 teaspoons (2 capfuls)
360 2 table spoons (6 capfuls)

Item #
Algaway 5.4/ Algae Destroyer/ 16 oz - Treats 5678 gallon Pond
$ 12.95
Algaway 5.4/ Algae Destroyer/ 32 oz - Treats 11356 gallon Pond
$ 19.95
Algaway 5.4/ Algae Destroyer/ 1.0 gallon - Treats 45424 gallon
$ 69.95

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