Minn Finn

Minn Finn
Minn FinnMinn Finn

The technology
MinnFinn® is based on disinfection technology used in the healthcare, medical and biotechnology
industry. Unlike other treatments which can cause microbial resistance, MinnFinn® breaks apart the cell walls and membranes of microbes, making it the most effective treatment on the market.

The active ingredients of MinnFinn® are hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, which decomposes naturally into water, oxygen, and vinegar. NeuFinn is used to neutralize vinegar into carbon dioxide and water. All these chemicals are naturally-occurring ingredients that are safe for fish, humans, and the environment, unlike other treatment options using organophosphates (known toxins to animals), or Malachite Green and Formalin (both known carcinogens).

Easy to use
Your MinnFinn® treatment takes only one hour, compared with conventional treatments which
can take days to weeks. The treatment is halted by adding NeuFinn, eliminating the need for a water change, and providing a safety net if too much MinnFinn® is applied.

Item #
MINNFIN Treat 2240 gallons Blue Label
$ 65.00
MINNFIN Treat 8000 gallons Red Label
$ 110.00

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