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About our products

Biological &

The Xtreme BioFilter is a biological and mechanical filter. With the unique diffuser design, it provides powerful and throrough backwash and it takes less than 5 minutes once a month. The Xtreme Bio Media packing creates a dense packing which filters out dirt and debris down to 30 micron in particle size. The Xtreme Bio Media design gives a tremendous amount of surface areas for bacterial growth. With 870 square feet of surface area per cubic foot of the Xtreme Bio Media, it is considered as the highest value for biological filtration

Xtreme BioFilter occupies a small footprint, is easy set up and run. Simple operation – Significant less cleaning & maintenance – Can be buried, and placed anywhere next to a pond -Longer interval between cleaning

When you buy an Xtreme BioFilter system from us, not only you are buying a state-of-the-art, professional grade filtration system that is easy install and maintain. You are buying a quality product backed by years of successful research and development — a product supported by unparalleled technical knowledge that will make maintenance of your pond and prized fish a pleasure.

Xtreme BioFilters

Xtreme BioFilters are all about clean and healthy water.

Filtration Aquaculture

SeaGate Filters Inc. provides filtration systems to raise fish and shrimp for human consumption.

Pond Water Garden

Pond and aquascape professionals know how important clean water is to their business.

Xtreme Bio Filter Pump

Xtreme BioFilter Systems are designed with convenience and performance already built in.