Retro-Bottom Drains

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    • D512 Retro Bottom Drain – Small
    • For Pond up to 5000 gallons
    • Dimensions: 12” dia x 5” high
    • D1410 Retro Bottom Drain – Large
    • For Ponds 1400 to 10,000 gallons
    • Dimensions: 15” dia x 6” high
    • Features:
    • Easy Installation/ Minimum Maintenance
    • Handles high volumes...
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    • Rhino Retro 2" and 3" Bottom Drains
    • The latest Aquadyne Retrofit Bottom Drain offers a quality innovation for a stable and rugged over the liner bottom drain for those who do not want to install a drain through a liner, or for pre-constructed ponds that do not have a bottom drain. This drain is especially useful for pond and aquatic environments that have pre-existing ...
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