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When choosing which type of aerator to use for aquaculture ponds, it is helpful to know some basic facts about aeration. Without sufficient oxygen, aquaculture animals will become stressed, sick, and possibly die. Even when a good quality water source is available, the large inputs of nutrients and organic matter that result from feeding and animal waste can lead to a low level of dissolved oxygen in the pond. Good mechanical aerators can effectively replenish the level of dissolved oxygen in ponds.

Aerators perform two basic functions: they oxygenate water and induce water circulation. Both functions are important in pond aquaculture. Pond water normally contains plenty of dissolved oxygen during daylight hours, but in ponds with high feeding rates and abundant phytoplankton blooms, dissolved oxygen concentrations may decline to dangerously low levels at night. Aeration can be used during the night to stabilize dissolved oxygen concentrations within safe ranges.

A moderate degree of water circulation in ponds is beneficial: it prevents stratification of the water to provide more uniform water quality. Also, organic matter from uneaten feed, feces, and dead plankton settles to pond bottoms and decomposes. This can lead to anaerobic conditions in the superficial layers of bottom sediment with the release of toxic microbial metabolites in the overlying pond water. Induced circulation of pond water increases water flow and delivery of dissolved oxygen to the surface of the sediment to lower the possibility of anaerobic conditions at the sediment-water interface.

“Because of better water and soil quality in response to aeration, fish eat better, have greater resistance to diseases, suffer less mortality, and achieve better feed conversion efficiency in aerated ponds than in ponds without aeration.”

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    • All blowers are equipped with a patented thermal protection device that prevents overheating from excessive back pressure or mechanical problems. An auto-reset feature automatically restarts the motor once it has cooled. The unique thermal valve also compensates for temporary rises in temperature so the blower motor is less likely to reach the shutoff point.
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    • Republic offers a complete line of regenerative blowers for high vacuum or compressed air applications in both horizontal and vertical mounted positions. Air flow capabilities range from 50 to 776 CFM, vacuum capabilities from 47" to 236" of water, and pressure capabilities up from 47" to 307" of water. TEFC electric motors are cUL and CE certified and come in single and three-phase, dual freque...
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    • Sweetwater® Regenerative Blowers
    • Sweetwater® regenerative blowers reach higher pressures, operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers. They are inexpensive to operate, and the air they deliver is oil-free. They are extremely energy-efficient and q...
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