Jandy Pro Series Air Blowers

  • All blowers are equipped with a patented thermal protection device that prevents overheating from excessive back pressure or mechanical problems. An auto-reset feature automatically restarts the motor once it has cooled. The unique thermal valve also compensates for temporary rises in temperature so the blower motor is less likely to reach the shutoff point.
  • Review of Blower Sizing Many problems can be attributed to improperly sized blowers. Accurately sizing the blower for the application is crucial for proper blower function. Damage caused by incorrect sizing is not covered under the warranty.
  • Several factors influence sizing:
  • Blower motors are cooled by air flowing over the motor. The amount of air required to prevent overheating is determined by the blower horsepower (HP), the system back pressure and the number and size of the air holes/jets in the spa. Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Different horsepower blowers require different levels of air flow to keep the motor cool. A higher HP motor requires more flow. System back pressure, measured in inches of water, is the sum of the forces restricting air flow over the blower motor and through the spa plumbing.
  • Limiting forces include:
  • Pipe diameter
  • Number and type of elbows
  • Length of run
  • Check valves
  • Number of jets
  • Size of jets
  • As back pressure increases, air flow decreases, reducing the ability of the motor to stay within normal operating temperatures.
  • Maximum Back Pressure For Blowers
  • Blower HP Max Pressure (inches of H2O) Min Air Flow (SFCM) Max Air Flow (SFCM)
    1.0 45 30 90
    1.5 45 45 90
    2.0 50 50 90


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    • 1/4 lb Spring Loaded Check Valve for air
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 1.0 HP 110
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 1.0 HP 2
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 1.5 HP 1
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 1.5 HP 2
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 2.0 HP 1
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    • Jandy Pro Series Air Blower - 2.0 HP 2
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