Rhino Bottom Drains

RHINO Drains are more than just another bottom drain.

Rhino drains have been in production for since 2002. They were created when we were asked to replicate and improve a drain that was being produced that consistently failed in installations of over 2 feet of water. The result was the Aquadyne
“RHINO” series of drains. Rhino drains are made from Schedule 80 PVC and designed by computer generated machine fabrication and are thermal welded by hand to assure top quality dependable structural welds. As you will see, the quality of our drains is paramount over any other drain on the market today. Great efforts have been made to fabricate these drains to a commercially durable standard so that the drains can be installed with extreme confidence in any application by beginners and experts alike. A bottom drain can be said to be one of the most important parts of a pond installation, in that it’s integrity is paramount to the success of the entire project. Compare the engineering of Rhino bottom drains to any on the market and you will see the quality is evident.


Thicker flanges and liner attachment ring that will not flex, distort or crack

All attachments are precision machine fitted for extra strength with no need for gap filling

All joints are hand welded resulting in more strength than the speed welds used on other drains.

Full 3″ height over the discharge port of Rhino II equals more concrete over the horizontal discharge.

Direct pipe connection into the air bladder. (no snaking an air line through the pipe)

Rhino air drains contain a1.5″ commercial air check valve to prevent water entering the air line.

Rhino drains do not use any injection molded components which would weaken the structure.

What is the key difference in a Rhino Drain?

Rhino drains are not injection molded ! Injection molding is typically used to mass produce products for the retail market. Other than mass production, injection molded products are typically designed to use minimal quantities of raw material to produce products in shape and form at the minimum amount of cost which of course allows those products to either be sold cheaply and/or produce high profits.

A bottom drain is the first thing to be installed in your pond,

and the last thing that you want to fail!

Install a Rhino Drain in your pond with confidence !

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    • The Rhino I Heavy Duty Bottom Drain is a must have item in your pond. The Rhino I has been manufactured since 2003. With thousands of trouble free installs, from small home ponds to major commercial fish handling tanks to hydroponic field beds, the Rhino I is a very durable product that weighs in at over 4 pounds. Watch out for material conserving injection molded drains that although are produc...
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    • The Rhino II Heavy Duty Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser is the most durable production bottom drain made in the US without spending over $1000.00 or installing stainless steel at many times that cost.
    • The Rhino II brings commercial quality to your pond at an economical price. All Rhino drains are made from Schedule 80 PVC and designed by computer generated machine fabrication and are th...
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