are all about
clean &
healthy water.

Keeping your prized fish healthy, making your pond sparkle, or making a water feature your “garden’s gem” is easier than ever.

Our extensive knowledge of filtration technology is dedicated to helping you enjoy your fish and pond to the fullest. Our line of “Pro-sumer” (professional grade products for the consumer) filtration systems are designed with years of service in mind.

If you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional, we can help you with critical design choices as well as help you to choose a system that best matches your individual needs. We want you to be happy with your pond today and tomorrow.

We can guide you through the key variables involved in successful pond filtration — pond size, fish load, climate zone, location — and what more is we will tell you if our system is not right for your application.

We bring a great deal of practical experience to the table and we put our knowledge to use for our customers. Our technology performs better than anything on the market today and definitely saves you time and money.

Our Xtreme BioFilters differ from other pressurized filtration systems
on market in these major areas:

1. Xtreme Bio Media:

X250 (medium size) and X125 (fine) have 870 sq ft and 920 sq ft of surface areas per cubic foot, respectively, provide tremendous surface for bacterial colonization, it is the highest on the market today (beads typically yield 300-400 square ft per cubic foot). The bacteria grow on the surface are useful to remove harmful toxins (biological filtration) such as Ammonia, Nitrite produced by fish, fish waste, and decaying organic matters in the pond water.

The design of the media was carefully chosen so that the media are tubular type which prevent clumping, and channeling within the media bed. With the ridges on the outer wall provide a standoff between media, and the free standing fins extend to the center provide extra surface for bacterial growth.

Notice that the fins protruding from the inner wall of the media are not connected at the

center, dirt trapped in this cavity will be readily flushed out during backwash as compared with other media with cross hair that dirt trapped are packed and not able to unclogged during backwash thus retain anaerobic condition within the media bed which is unhealthy for aquatic life. The hollow tube design allows hi flow through of water and oxygen, not only promotes healthy growth of the bio film but also reduces back pressure exerted on the pump which increases the pump efficiency.

Xtreme Bio Media is made of High Impact Polystyrene plastic material, are neutrally buoyant in water. With a downward flow of water the media create a dense packing that traps dirt and debris within the cavities (mechanical filtration). They require a very little agitation to unpack. Dirt and debris trapped within the media packing can be easily flushed out to the waste line during backwash.

2. Diffuser Assembly:

Our diffuser has made cleaning your filter (backwash) effortless. With the hollow tubular design, dirt particles are trapped within the media cavity, thus cleaning is reduced to less than 5 minutes, once a month by simply turning the handle on the multiport valve located at the top (or on the side) of the filter. No need to disassemble the filter parts, no pads to clean, no need to touch the dirty and stinky mess.

During filter mode, Dirt and debris are trapped in the media bed as dirty water enters at the top of the filter travels through the media bed to the diffuser head located at the bottom of the filter.

In cleaning (backwash) mode, the water flow is reversed (by turning the handle on top of the multiport valve to backwash position). Pond water enters the center pipe to the diffuser head

located at the bottom of the filter, exits at the angled slots creates jets that unpack and agitate the media bed upward. As the media are unpacked and moved toward the top portion of the filter, the equalizer column attached parallel to the diffuser column allows the media to stay suspended and move around inside the filter. It is the key to our success that dirt and debris are thoroughly flushed out of the filter without using a lot of water and high pressure pump. Thus, it saves energy.

3. More media equals better filtration:

We pack about 80% of the filter volume with our Xtreme Bio Media, which is much more as compared to 50% of most of bead filters. Xtreme BioFilters have been tested and used exclusively on our Koi farm for the past 10 years. Not only is the water crystal clear, the fish are very happy and healthy, and we save a lot of time on maintaining and servicing our systems. Each cubic foot of our Xtreme Bio Media X250 and X125 can handle a true 80 pounds and 95 pounds of fish, respectively. Our Xtreme BioFilter is a bio and mechanical filter. It does not need to have pre-filters like vortex chambers, or turbo vortex. The system is purely simple and easy to operate and maintain. No blower needed for backwash on standard systems. However, with our energy savings systems, blower is used to agitate the media bed before backwash.

If you are dissatisfied with your current system, our Xtreme ReFit Kit offers you our latest technology. Our products are industry standard. Both the full Xtreme BioFilters system and Xtreme ReFit Kit can be adapted to fit many systems currently on the market.

We stock a full selection of systems for ponds from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons — larger systems can be custom ordered. No matter the size, all are created with clean water in mind.

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Xtreme BioFilters are all about clean and healthy water. Our technology performs better than
anything on the market today and saves you time and money

Pro Series – Top Mount

Pressurized Tank: is made of polypropylene
for added strength

Pro Series – Side Mount

This filter design is for those who like to look inside the filter
once in a while without UNPLUMB the multi-port valve.

Commercial-Side Mount

Pressurized Tank: is made of fiberglass for added strength,
chemicals and corrosives resistance.

Xtreme Bio Media

The ridges on the outer surface of the media provide a
tighter interstitial spacing.

Xtreme Refit Kits

Upgrade your top mount sand filter or bead system
with our all-new Refit kit.

Xtreme Diffuser

Patented 2 inch diffuser column with
little to no flow restriction.

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