Republic Regenerative Air Blower

  • Republic offers a complete line of regenerative blowers for high vacuum or compressed air applications in both horizontal and vertical mounted positions. Air flow capabilities range from 50 to 776 CFM, vacuum capabilities from 47″ to 236″ of water, and pressure capabilities up from 47″ to 307″ of water. TEFC electric motors are cUL and CE certified and come in single and three-phase, dual frequency, and multi-voltage versions for worldwide applications. Horsepowers range from 1/2 to 50 HP (from 0.4 to 37kW).
  • Republic Regenerative Blower configurations are available in either single (one impeller), double (two impellers) or triple (three impellers) stage. The impeller is directly connected to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction. The bearings are outside the compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability under high differential pressure.
  • Operating Principle:
  • Air or gas is pulled into a side channel through the air inlet and is accelerated by an impeller rotating inside the impeller chamber. The resulting pressurized air or gas is discharged through the exhaust outlet. This type of operation is also known as a “ring” or “side channel” blower design.
  • Blower Maintenance:
  • Cleaning: When dust or residue is evident, clean the entire surface of the blower.
  • Lubrication: After approximately 20,000 hours of operation or 18 months, replace the grease in the bearings.
  • Installation:
  • Units can be installed and mounted in any axial direction. For quiet and vibration-free operation, install the unit over a rubber pad. Do not obstruct the cooling system of the motor. Keep all ventilation gratings open and clear. Minimum clearance (1.5″) must be maintained between the unit and all side walls or other barriers. Keep all flammable gases and materials away from the unit. After installation be sure to tighten the eye-bolt. The system voltage and frequency is the same as stated on the rating plate +/- 5% voltage and/or +/- 2% frequency deviation from the rated value without reducing output. Connections should be arranged and attached according to the circuit diagram on the terminal box. The ground wire should be connected to the grounding terminal.
  • General Notice for Republic Regenerative Blower:
  • Republic Regenerative Blowers are designed for handling air and nonflammable, non-corrosive, non-explosive gases. These regenerative blowers are designed for continuous use. Applications involving frequent temperature changes should be evaluated by our technical department prior to installation. Maximum ambient temperature at the inlet is 104 °F (40 °C). Intake filtration should be used to eliminate solids and impurities from entering the blower.


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    • HRB025/ 1 Phase/0.25 HP/ 31-in. H2O/29-i
    495.00 Add to cart


    • HRB101/ 1 Phase/0.67 HP/ 47-in. H2O/ 49-
    542.07 Add to cart


    • HRB201/ 1 Phase/1.20 HP/ 47-in. H2O/ 44-
    657.85 Add to cart


    • HRB301/ 1 Phase/ 2.0 HP/ 71-in. H2O/ 63-
    976.26 Add to cart


    • HRB401/ 1 Phase/ 3.0 HP/ 110-in. H2O/ 79
    1239.39 Add to cart


    • HRB501/ 1 Phase/ 3.0 HP/ 83-in. H2O/ 79-
    1297.29 Add to cart