Blue Eco Drum Filter

  • The Blue-Eco Hydro Driven Drum Filter (“HDDF”) is the first rotary drum filter that’s powered by water and offers the most optimal method available for filtering swimming pools and ponds. Rotary drum filters (“RDFs”) are a type of mechanical filter that remove debris, waste and other particulates from water. Rotary drum filters offer unparalleled filtering of pools and ponds by their automatic and near instantaneous removal of waste from the water column. The Blue-Eco HDDF takes RDF filtering to a totally new level of efficiency and reliability by doing away with the motors, water sensors, water spray pumps and electrical controllers that are required by existing rotary drum filters.
  • How It Works:
  • Dirty water enters the HDDF through a water inlet pipe and then into the interior of the filtering drum. The filtering drum is covered with a stainless steel micro mesh screen. The dirty water can only leave the drum by passing through the filter mesh. As a result, waste, dirt, debris and other particulate matter become trapped on the inside of the filter mesh. Waste particles slowly block the filter mesh causing less water to pass through the drum leading to a lower water level in the clean water area of the filter. Once the water in the clean water area drops to the specified level, a valve opens triggering the washing process. During the washing process, water flows to multiple nozzles spraying water with high pressure on the outside of the filter mesh while other water is used to power the rotation of the drum. The waste which has clogged the filter mesh is flushed into a waste tray and then leaves the filter through a waste outlet. Once the filter mesh is sprayed clean during the wash cycle, the water level in clean area of the filter rises causing the water valve to stop the cleaning process. The cleaning cycle will automatically repeat itself upon dirt, debris and other particulates restricting water flow through the filter mesh.
  • Pool Filtration
  • Why Pools?
  • A Blue-Eco HDDF will provide a far more energy efficient and sanitary way of filtering a pool.
  • Traditional pool filters normally consist of a large tank containing sand or filter cartridge. Dirty pool water is pumped into the tank or cartridge where dirt and debris becomes trapped. Pool water continually circulates through the filter and, over time, the dirt and debris, slow down water flow. At a certain point enough debris clogs the filter so that the filter requires cleaning. For tank type filters, cleaning entails a backwash in the form of adjusting valves on the filter to redirect the water flow so that water pushes up through the sand, dislodging dirt and debris out a waste drain. While cartridge filters require the physical removal of the filter where the dirt and debris is washed from it.
  • Every pool needs a pump to move water through its filter and traditional pool filters require far more energy to perform this function. This difference in energy usage is the result of traditional pool filters requiring powerful pumps to meet the pressure demands of forcing water though sand or filter cartridges as they become filed with debris. A pool pump operating with a Blue-Eco’s HDDF filter works without any pressure or resistance enabling a pool to be equipped with an energy efficient pump.
  • Pools in Europe are making use of this filtration and the energy savings are dramatic. For example, a Blue-Eco HDDFs in conjunction with a Blue-Eco energy efficient pump are filtering 35,000 gallon pools to crystal clarity on just 150 watts per hour. To appreciate the cost savings compare, that to the 2000 plus watts per hour of energy being consumed by a 1.5 h.p. pump required to filter a pool of this size. A 2000 watt pool pump at a charged electrical utility rate of 16 cents per kilowatt-hour and being run for 8 hours per day costs $77 per month to run versus $17 per month with Blue-Eco’s HDDF and pump.
  • A Blue-Eco HDDF is a cleaner and more sanitary method for filtering a pool. Common sense tell us water that’s continually flowing over all of the accumulated crud trapped in a pool filter is not as clean as water which isn’t being recirculated over strained debris. The Blue-Eco HDDF immediately captures particulates and flushes them away thereby eliminating the circulation of water over waste.
  • Besides being inherently cleaner, filtering with a Blue-Eco HDDF will reduce exposure to harmful chemicals found in pool water. Organic matter, such as human skin cells, hair and plant matter, found in swimming pools becomes trapped in the pool’s filter. Chlorine is used to sanitize the water of these organic materials and the bacteria that grows on them. However, a well-known disadvantage to the use of chlorine is that it makes harmful byproducts when it reacts with organic matter. These disinfection byproducts include chemicals known as haloketones and trihalomethanes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has cited studies showing that these chemicals are linked to cancer, anemia and liver, kidney, central nervous system problems. As a result of the side effects of these disinfection by products, the EPA has regulations strictly limiting the occurrence of them in drinking water. See, http:/
  • The Blue-Eco HDDF will substantially reduce the formation of these toxic byproducts by removing organic matter before its had the chance to react with chlorine. Tests on a pools using a rotary drum filters have shown that this filtration method is capable of reducing trihalomenthanes by 70 percent. One more benefit of using an Blue-Eco HDDF on a pool is eliminating the offensive chlorine smell that’s given off from the water. When chlorine reacts with organic materials a chlorine odor is emitted. If you’ve ever noticed that there’s a strong smell of chlorine at public pools it is because there’s a higher load of organic materials being neutralized by chlorine. Taking away the organics before they’ve had a chance to react with the chlorine does away with that unwanted chlorine smell.

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