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DA2200 Xtreme Diffuser Assembly

  • DA2200 Xtreme Diffuser Assembly Only
  • Fits Hayward Top Mount Sand Filter (S220T). Clamp Type with 7 inch opening.
  • Hayward 6-way vari-flow Multi-port valve (Filter, Backwash, Rinse, Re-circulate, Waste, Closed)
  • Standard 1.5 intake/output ports. Upgrade to 2.0 inch valve is available
  • Max pressure 50 psi/ Max flow rate 5500 gph (Up to 9000 gph with 2.0 inch valve)
  • Pressure gauge and sight glass
  • Diffuser head/column delivers cyclonic cleaning action
  • Equalizer column equalizes pressure at top and mid section of tank during backwash therefore no packing at top.
  • pump flow rate and pressure must be 4000-5500 gallons per hours @ 20ft 55 ft of head for filter to work properly. 1 HP, standard speed (3450 rpm) pump is recommended.


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    • DA2200 Xtreme Diffuser Assembly - 1.5 In
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    • DA2200T2 Xtreme Diffuser Assembly - 2.0
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