Duraplate Diffuser

  • Duraplate Diffuser –
  • Our aeration systems use Duraplate™ self-cleaning, non-clogging membrane diffusers. The Duraplate diffuser is designed to create a large amount of laminar circulation to eliminate stratification. The Duraplate diffusers also offer a very high oxygen transfer rate to increase dissolved oxygen levels at all levels in the pond from the surface to the bottom. Due to their design, the Duraplate diffusers will not need to be removed for cleaning like many of the other diffuser designs on the market, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The rotationally molded Duraplate diffuser shell is also fishhook resistant, making them an ideal choice for fishing ponds and lakes.
  • The unit is pre-weighted with concrete to avoid floating once it is in water. It is heavy. Gross shipping weight is 40 pounds.


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    • Self Cleaning No Clogging Duraplate Diff
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