Pump Motors and Accessories

  • The new “A Plus” line of motors from Advantage
  • The are designed to be a serious upgrade from standard swimming pool motors. High performance and maximum energy efficiency are the basis for the “A Plus” development on these brand new motors. Only the best components such as double sealed bearings, stainless steel shafts and all copper windings are used in the construction of these motors. With our energy efficient PSC design there are no switches to fail, thus providing years of trouble free service. A full range 56Y frame motors are available. These motors are a direct replacement for American Products®, Aqua Flo®, HydroTech®, Purex®, Pac Fab®, Sta-Rite®, Red Jacket®, and Sears®. With our two compartment design, installation is a snap. The Advantage “A Plus” Square Flange Motor, is designed to provide a high service factor while running an energy efficient operation. All of these features along with our competitive pricing make it the perfect choice for today’s cost conscience consumer.
  • Model HP Frame RPM Amp Volt
    3/4SQNX 3/4 56Y 3450 12 / 6 115 / 230
    1SQNX 1.0 56Y 3450 14 / 7 115 / 230
    1.5SQNX 1.5 56Y 3450 18 / 9 115 / 230
    2SQNX 2.0 56Y 3450 10.5 230
  • The LARGE priming pot/debris trap is specifically designed for the water gardening industry. With the 550 cubic inch capacity, it is designed for high flow applications. The loss of flow through the pump is minimal via the 3” inlet as well as the over sized capacity. Available in 2 inch and 3 inch inlet
  • Features
  • Strong glass-filled thermoplastic housing
  • High strength see through lid with air relief valve
  • Drain plug for weatherization
  • Adjustable feet to match with any pump height
  • Quick connect 2″ or 3” union included
  • Best flow of any priming pot/debris trap available
  • Flow rates up to 13,000 gph (3 inch unions)
  • Keep harmful debris such as string algae out of pump
  • ETBA500-3 Dimensions: width = 8.5”, height = 18”
  • MODEL ETBA – SMALL PRIMING POT. Available in 1.5 inch and 2 inch inlet/outlet


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    Item #Description Price


    • Model ETBA1.5 - 1.5 Inch Priming Pot - S
    89.00 Add to cart


    • Model ETBA2 - 2 Inch Priming Pot - Small
    99.00 Add to cart


    • Model ETBA500-2 - 2 Inch Priming Pot - L
    249.00 Add to cart


    • Model ETBA500-3 - 3 Inch Priming Pot - L
    249.00 Add to cart


    • A Plus Square Flange Motor 3/4 HP 115/23
    325.00 Add to cart


    • A Plus Square Flange Motor 1.0 HP 115/23
    358.00 Add to cart


    • A Plus Square Flange Motor 1.5 HP 115/23
    375.00 Add to cart


    • A Plus Square Flange Motor 2.0 HP 230 Vo
    395.00 Add to cart