MicroLift Algaway 5.4

  • Algaecide For Ponds – Stops Algae Growth. Control string algae!
  • No more green water with MICROBE-LIFT/AlgAway 5.4 Algaecide!
  • It stops algae growth in ponds and can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants!
  • Will not harm fish or live ornamental plants Ingredients
  • Active Ingredients: Poly(oxyethylene) (dimethylimino) ethylene (dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride: 5.40% Other Ingredients: 94.60%
  • Caution
  • In ponds, insure that water is well aerated via waterfall, fountain or other method to prevent fish loss.
    Aeration must be continuous.
  • Not safe for use with snails, shrimp and other crustaceans or mollusks.
  • E.P.A. Registration # 14802 – 8 – 74466
  • Directions:
  • It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. For use in self-contained ornamental ponds and fountains without any outflow. For small ponds with heavy algae growth, clean the excess algae off the sides and ornaments before adding MICROBE-LIFT/AlgAway 5.4.
  • This will reduce the amount of decaying organic matter. Repeat dosage once per week for maintenance. Fountains, Small Ponds with goldfish and koi:
  • Treat only those fountains and ponds which will have no outflow after treatment.
  • High water temperatures cause more rapid natural decay of dead algae which can cause fish distress.
  • If animals are present clean out excess algae as stated above or use before temperature exceeds 75°F (24°C).
  • Application Rate
  • Water Volume (Gallons) Amount of Algaway 5.4
    50 30 drops
    120 2 teaspoons (2 capfuls)
    360 2 table spoons (6 capfuls)


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