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Xtreme Bio Media X375 Large/Floating

  • Xtreme Bio Media X375 (Large/ Floating). Sold by cubic foot (7.5 gallons)
  • Dimensions are 1/2 inch outside diameter, and 3/8 inch long provide 530 square feet of surface area per cubic foot (1.394 m2/m3). They are used in some of the bead filters as an alternative media to round beads. They provide more storage spaces inside as well as outside of the media, and filter particle sizes down to 100-150 microns. The X375 Media can handle up to 60 pounds of fish by weight if used in stacked bed. and if used as in Moving Bed Bio Film Reactor (MBBR) they can handle up to 400 pounds of fish per cubic foot. Made by virgin Polyethylene plastic, density is 0.98 g/cm3. are afloat in water.
  • Polyethylene (PE) is a very safe plastic widely used in many commercial/industrial applications. They will form a packing against a current, either up or down flow. In MBBR applications, Xtreme Bio Media can be agitated and moved easily with a use of a water jet or an air stone. They are very durable and never need replacement. The dimensions and the media extruded profile of the media had been chosen very carefully to provide the maximum biological/mechanical treatment during filtering and easily unpacked, dislodged dirt during backwash.


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